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The Jefferson Symphony Orchestra

Donor Information

We are pleased to announce that the Jefferson Symphony Association was approved on May 19th 2016 for the Colorado Enterprise Zone program that allows donors to receive Colorado State Income Tax credits for their contributions.

Link to Donor Form

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Donors having made a certified contribution to the JSO may claim 25% of a cash donation as an income tax credit, and half of that amount (12.5%) for an in-kind donation. The actual credit earned is calculated based on all eligible contributions totaling $100 or more made during the tax year and after May 19th, 2016. This example shows the simple math for some donors, but consult your tax advisor for your specific situation:

$1,000.00Your donation to the JSO
-$250.00Your Enterprise Zone (EZ) State Tax Credit
-$248.00Your Federal Income Tax Savings
-$48.00Your State Income Tax Savings
$454.00Your After-tax Cost of Giving

To participate in the EZ program, you must provide the JSO with the last 4 numbers of your SSN, or if you are a tax-paying Colorado business, your EIN along with other contact information. Simply complete the JSO Donor Form, which can be found by clicking here.

The JSO will provide you confirmation of your donation. Twice during the calendar year, JSO will forward a copy of the Certification of Qualified Enterprise Zone Contribution, DR 0075, showing your eligible donations. You report your EZ donation when you file your Colorado State Income Taxes. Then, the state verifies your eligibility, and if all criteria are met, processes your tax credit.

You can learn more about the Enterprise Zone Program by calling the Colorado Department of revenue at (303-238-7378) or by reading Colorado's Publication, FYI Income 23: Tax Credit for Contributions to Enterprise Zone Administrators, Programs, Projects, or Organizations.

Please consider giving a donation today, since the JSO ends its fiscal year on May 31, but also is preparing for its exciting 64th 2016-2017 Season. And please watch for an email announcing our 64th Season concert schedule. We hope you will consider buying a season ticket so that you can enjoy listening to the music that your donation supports!

Can't afford a donation now? Then please consider giving a donation or making a pledge to pay before December 31st, 2016, so that you can take advantage of this new tax credit opportunity.